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For current buoy data at 46145 click the following site:

This is the ACTUAL buoys regulated by the Canadian and US Government. Wicked Data!


An excellent way to predict waves up to a week in advance. Use the different pages to see wave direction and period. This has both real-time data and a VIRTUAL Buoy which displays only predicted data. 46205 is the main one to check.


Weather predictor and wave forecasts for the whole world. Good for seeing wind direction. Also a VIRTUAL buoy and provides predicted information.

Magic Seaweed

Agate Beach is the site to check for predicted conditions.  If you’re taking a trip, this is the best way to see the swell coming in a week in advance. Set it to Alaska to get a great animation of the swell coming in as well as wind speed and dominant period. Once again, VIRTUAL buoy. Got some great pics up of all the worlds breaks too.

Ok, here’s my secret wind forecaster.  We want westerly swell with South East winds ideally.  Windsurfing/Kitesurfing wants a WNW winds.  Wind, wave and weather predictor on 3 hour intervals for up to date forecasts.  The site has a tonne of other great locations.

Real time tide chart

Places to stay

Off the grid and on the break.  Can’t say enough about these high end cabins that put you right on the beach in comfort and style.

If you want the finest lodging with absolutely breathtaking views, this is the place.

Choose from a variety of different and unique cabins!  Right on the break!

Coziest bed and breakfast!

More great cabins right on the beach.

Bike Rentals

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This is the best website for you to get the best out of your stay on Haida Gwaii!

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Things to check out 

Balance Rock: Located 10 minutes out of Skidegate

Balance Rock: Located 10 minutes out of Skidegate

Sleeping beauty Hike

Sleeping beauty Hike


Tow Hill, Masset

Tow Hill, Masset


pesuta shipwreck