Michael McQuade

North Beach Surf Shop is owned and operated by Michael McQuade since 2008.  Michael is a Physical Education Graduate from the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick, and has been a surf lifeguard since 1989 and surfed all over the world from Haida Gwaii to Hawaii, Mexico, and many tropical locations and numerous locations on both coasts of North America.  A nationally ranked competitive swimmer and lifeguard, Michael has received awards as well for his coaching.

Michael has been surfing on Haida Gwaii since 2003 and continues to surf, SUP, and Kitesurf.  He holds certifications as a lifeguard and SUP instructor as well as Wilderness First Aid.  An experienced waterman and woodsman, Michael has been in the water his entire life, and in the woods when he’s not in the water.  An experienced hunter/gatherer, and naturalist, he is very familiar with the flora and fauna of Haida Gwaii and subscribes to the Haida Culture and beliefs that govern this land.