Stand Up Paddleboards


The 11’6’’ ACE-TEC PERFORMER is an ideal all-around SUP for novice riders up to 260lbs/120kg and will perform in the surf zone for more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. $1100


The Ultimate All-Around Beach Board.
Searching for a paddleboard that’s equally adept in the surf zone
as it is cruising on flat-water? The search is over! Oxbow’s Search
series features performance-minded surf designs blended with
confidence-inspiring stability and a moderate rocker profile for
versatility in flat-water conditions. This designs comes in three sizes:

9’2″ $1150

10’6″ $1200

11’6″ $1300

bic sup earth

The NOVA SCOTIA 14’  is designed for Touring & Exploration where efficiency, speed and added space are a factor. Ideal for medium to heavy riders, the Nova Scotia’s unique shape and bottom contours, keep it stable in all water conditions even when loaded front and back with dry bags full of gear. Reinforced attachment points allow you to secure equipment and accessory items with ease. The rails are reinforced with flax fiber, known as ‘natures kevlar’, for added durability both on and off the water. A Cork deck pad provides exceptional comfort while being true to the sustainable Earth ethos. $1700

inflatable SUP

bic inflatable SUP bag

The Bic inflatable wind SUP. This standup paddle board is quite a versatile item. It is without a question the easiest SUP to store/transport. It is also rigged to fit a windsurfing mast and sail. It comes with a pump and chord, skags, and a transport bag. Full package 1100$.


Red Bic SUP paddles. Dependable materials at a value price make these paddles a mainstay for recreational use and those on a tight budget. Durable aluminum shaft includes high-visibility float. Rugged polycarbonate blade offers mid-range flex for ease of use and low-stress on joints. $125 11’0 Ace Tec Wing Touring Stand up Paddleboard