Surf Boards

We are now dealing with Firewire.  These are beautiful boards with unrivaled durability.  If you’ve found dings and broken board an issue, these are a great alternative.  Drop by to see what we have in stock.


We deal with and  as they provide us with superior shipping rates and solid construction.  Durable boards at reasonable prices.  Check out their webpage for the complete  line.


We also deal with,, and Shaper Studios based in Vancouver BC.

Firewire 5’9 Go Fish

Firewire 5’9 Go Fish $1200

A fish for the modern surfer, the Firewire Surfboards Go Fish LFT Surfboard leaves nothing to be desired. Style surfer and emerging shaper, Rob Machado derived the Go Fish from a classic keel twin fish shape, thinned out the profile and added Greenough inspired bottom features. Narrowing up the swallow tip to tip gives the board more maneuverability and the narrower nose gives it an even speedier outline. The rocker is fairly relaxed with a low entry rocker upfront combined with a subtle tail rocker, giving this board quick ‘up and go’ and maximizes its top-end speed.

The bottom contours are best described as “Board Eat Board”, featuring a really flat bottom concave that runs down the center all the way through the tail. The two side panels run down each rail on either side of the center panel, and transition from concave to flat to Vee while maintaining the deep single concave down the middle. The overall effect of these design parameters, when combined with a keel fin set up, is a highly maneuverable and speedy board with tons of drive and takes the retro fish to a whole new performance level.

Firewire 8’0 Special T

Firewire 8’0 Special T $1300 

Traditionalist rejoice because the Firewire Surfboards Special T TimberTek Surfboard is the modern answer to your classic shape needs. Keeping with a traditional outline, the Special T tightens here and pinches there creating a smooth sailing glider that can be ridden all over the wave.

Firewire 6’ 10 ADDvance

Firewire 6’ 10 ADDvance $1300 

The Firewire ADDvance Surfboard was developed in collaboration between Taj’s father Vance Burrow and Nev, the ADDvance offers extreme flotation in TimberTEK.

Combining the buoyancy of a longboard with a contemporary outline, the ADDvance Series opens up new possibilities for fun and performance. ADDvance your surfing!

7'6 Bic CARVER

7’6 Bic CARVER $800

Firewire Gem

Firewire 9’8 & 9’5 Gem  $1500

Stark Superfrog 6’4

Stark Superfrog 6’4 $750

Bic Wegg superfrog 6’4

Bic Wegg superfrog 6’4 $800



Bic surf 6’0 paint foam board

Bic surf 6’0 paint foam board $500


9’4″ SUPER MAGNUM $800


A Shaper Studios item, this fish shape has some tasty step downs towards the tail which has a quad fin set up. Built for speed and slightly larger waves than most of the boards we carry, this shape is ideal for surfers looking to perform rancid ocean cleaving carves between moments of stepping on the gas. This wave slider is 6’4″ and costs 800$.


Hydro boards ranging in price from $125 – $150. We have brand new boards in all different colours! These are the good ones used by professionals around the world. A great way to get introduced to the water or to find yourself deep in a barrel!

Scoop Boogie boards

Scoop Boogie boards small-$50  large-$60

Bic Surf rocket

Bic Rocket Launch 4’6″. Perfect for kids learning to ride waves. 300$ (fins included)

soft tech red

Bic Rocket Launch 4’2″. Perfect for kids learning to ride waves. 250$ (fins included)

bic rocket 50

Bic Rocket Launch 50. Perfect for kids learning to ride waves. 275$ (fins included)

All Used Surfboards For Rent or Sale 


The Pawa, used, 5’10”, thruster set up for fins, 500$


7′ X 19 5/8 X 2 5/8 Port Macquarie Surf design. Advanced board. $500

Al Merrick 6'3

Al Merrick 6’3 $350 (comes with a bag and fins)

Al Merrick 5’ 11”

Al Merrick 5’ 11” $400

Anacapa Fish 6’ 3

Anacapa Fish 6’ 3 $300

Skim Boards

We have 2 brand new skim boards for sale and 4 skim boards for rent

Pro Series Smoked Out. $200

Pro Series Smoked Out. $200

Pro Series small laminate base 1.0mm. $100

Pro Series small laminate base 1.0mm. $100