We are now dealing with Firewire.  These are beautiful boards with unrivaled durability.  If you’ve found dings and broken board an issue, these are a great alternative.  Drop by to see what we have in stock.


We deal with and  as they provide us with superior shipping rates and solid construction.  Durable boards at reasonable prices.  Check out their webpage for the complete  line.



We also deal with,, and Shaper Studios based in Vancouver BC.



Our Friends in Vancouver at Shaper Studios are darn tootin’ surfboard shapers. Here is some of their recent work. It’s a fish, well actually it is a dogfish. This particular board is the perfect match for an intermediate surfer looking to make the transition from a long board onto something shorter. It is 5’10” with a set up for twin fins. This retro shape costs 750$.


Another Shaper Studios item, this fish shape has some tasty step downs towards the tail which has a quad fin set up. Built for speed and slightly larger waves than most of the boards we carry, this shape is ideal for surfers looking to perform rancid ocean cleaving carves between moments of stepping on the gas. This wave slider is 6’4″ and costs 800$.


The “Greedy Beaver”, by Firewire. Another wooden veneer board that is equally pleasing on the wave as it is on the eye. This egg is 6’4″ with a good amount of volume. This particular shape is best suited for maximizing the fun on small to mid-size waves. Set up for a thruster (3 fin) setup or 5 fin set up (FCS II). 1200$


The “ADDvance”. This Firewire shape is 7’6″ and is built for buoyancy. With an immense amount of volume for a 7’6″ board it is perfect for beginners or heavier surfers looking for something with the buoyancy of a longboard on something shorter and more responsive. Thruster setup for fins. 1300$


The “Wingnut”, by Firewire. This shape is an homage to legendary log-rider Robert “Wingnut” Weaver. This board is 9’8″ and set up for one giant fin as Wingnut himself prefers. Unfortunately this board arrived at the NBSS headquarters with a small ding in the  right rail close to the nose. It is being sold with the ding for a discounted price of 1200$.


This BIC creation, designed by Gerard Dabbadie, is an essential part of any beginner quiver. It is 9’0″ with options for both a single fin or thruster set up. 900$


This 8′ soft top from BIC is perfect for beginner surfers looking to take to the seas. No wax necessary, this soft-top’s top is soft. It comes with a thruster fin setup. 550$


This BIC shape is a perfect board for beginner surfers looking to take to the sea. At 9’4″ in length and with buoyancy to spare, this long board makes for an excellent introduction to surfing. It is set up for a single fin and comes with a built in stomp pad. 750$


Another Bic surf slider. This 8’4″ is another ideal board for beginner surfers. It has longboard qualities paired with a bit more rocker towards the nose allowing this board to handle slightly steeper waves. It has options for both single fin or thruster set ups. 650$


This BIC creation is a classic shape. This durable 7’9″ is ready to be surfed with a built in stomp pad. Its is set up for thruster fins. 450$


Who says you need a log to ride the nose? This BIC mini nose rider has a spoon feature on the nose of the belly of the board allowing the surfer to perch on the nose with ease. It is 7’6″ with a thruster fin set up. 550$

All Used Surfboards For Rent or Sale 


The Pawa, used, 5’10”, thruster set up for fins, 500$


7’6 blue and grey BIC $600


7’9 X 22 1/8 X 2 2/8 BIC Natural Surf . Beginner. $600


7′ X 19 5/8 X 2 5/8 Port Macquarie Surf design. Advanced board. $500